The Virgnia Satir Family Therapy


The purpose of the program is to train coaches and mentors to apply the concepts and methodology of the world famous social worker and therapist, Virginia Satir, to the field of coaching and mentoring. 
The training is based on the six phases of her work as identified by Sharon Loeschen. They are:  Making Contact, Validating, Facilitating Awareness, Promoting Acceptance, Eliciting Positive Choices and Constructive Change. These are what make this type of coaching and mentoring so UNIQUE, POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE.There are five levels to the training and an applicant will enter at the level appropriate for their experience.
Level 1—Enriching Your Relationship with Your Self and Others: A Personal Growth Program
1) Sign a Memo of Understanding with Satir Global.
2) Complete 12 individual lessons, or 3 days of group training.
Level 2—Satir’s Theoretical Concepts and Satir’s Process
1) Complete 8 individual lessons online or in-person, or 4 days of group training.
2) Read the books, Making Contact by Satir and The Satir Process by Loeschen and the journal article The Enriching Program Through the Lens of Empirical Research by Loeschen and Jendrusakova.
3) Pass a test, either written or oral, over the material covered in Level 2.
Level 3—Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist Training
1) Complete Levels 1 and 2, or their equivalents successfully.
2) Be recommended by a certified trainer.
3) Sign a Memo of Understanding with Satir Global.
4) Complete 20 individual sessions or 5 days of group training.
6) Successfully complete a supervised practicum working with three individuals or one group.
7) Be approved for certification.
8) Become a member of The Virginia Satir Global Network and pay a certification fee.
Level 4—Satir Coaching and Mentoring Trainer Training
1) Be certified as a Satir Coach and Mentor and recommended for trainer training.
2) Buy the Satir Coaching and Mentoring Trainer’s Manual which can be ordered through the Satir Global office at
3) Train at least 3 persons wanting to be coaches using the twenty lessons in Level 3 Part 1 or the group exercises in Level 3 Part 2 of the Trainer’s Manual.
4) Plan each training session and review the plans with your assigned trainer.
5) Receive feedback from your trainees regarding your skills as a trainer and review with your trainer.  (Feedback forms are in the appendix of the Trainer’s Manual.)
6) When leading group trainings, video yourself, if possible, and review with your trainer.
7) Write a reflection on your strengths and areas of growth and discuss with your trainer.
8) Review your readiness for certification and complete any additional assignment.
9) Receive a recommendation for certification as a trainer.
Level 5—Satir Coaching and Mentoring Master-Trainer Training
1) Be recommended to be in the master-trainer training.
2) Train 3 individuals or 2 groups of persons training to be trainers.
3) Prepare for training trainers and review plans with the assigned master-trainer.
4) Receive feedback from trainees and share with the master-trainer.
5) Write a self-evaluation and discuss with master-trainer.
6) Contribute to the ongoing development of the program.
7) Receive a recommendation to be certified as a master-trainer.  
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