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Getting to know Dr. Seema Darode's

Professional Qualifications :

  • Masters in Clinical Psychology (Pune Univ.) with First Class.
  • PGDSP (Post graduate Dip. in School Psychology) Pune Univ. with Distinctions.
  • Ph.D. (Psy) U.K.
  • Additional Study :

o    M.D. (Alternative Medicines)

o    N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathy)

o    CHM ( Certificate in Homoeopathic Medicines)

o    OECE (Orientation to early childhood education) - SNDT Univ.

o    CAc (Certificate in Accupressure)

Memberships and Registrations:

o    Member of American Psychological Association (APA) Membership No. 31013638.

o    Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists (IACP) Membership No: LAM-323/11.

o    Registered Psychologist with the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI No. B01311).

o    Life Associate Member of the Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS Registration No. LAM/D-17).

o    Registered Medical Practitioner in Alternative Medicines and Naturopathy (RMP - AM /10900 )


  • The Diploma Courses offered by IICP are through Correspondence as well as Regular(Practical-Training) Mode.
  •  Admissions for these Diploma Courses can be taken at any time throughout the year.
  • The most prestigious Counselling Diplomas by Pune's renowned Psychologist Dr. Seema Darode.
  • The language of the text for correspondence course is simple and easy to understand even for a Non-English medium student.
  •  Highly suitable for Professionals like Teachers, Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Advocates, Psychologists, Students, Housewives, Parents, Etc.
  • Previous knowledge of Psychology not mandatory.
  • More than one course can be done simultaneously.
  • For correspondence course the Exam Papers will be sent to you after completion of your study. The student can answer the Examination at the comfort of her/his home. The answer papers of any of the courses (either English or Marathi course) can be written in English or Marathi for the convenience of students.
  • The answer papers will have to be sent to the Institute by Registered Post/ Courier within a period of two weeks after receipt of Exam Question Papers.
  •  There is no formal Examination for the Regular(Practical Training Course).


       Correspondence programs
  Name of the Course
  1) Diploma in Child Psychology
1 Yr.
  2) Diploma in Counselling Psychology
1 Yr.
  3) मानसशास्त्रीय समुपदेशक पदविका

Practical Training in Psychological Counselling Skills (PTPCS)      
3 Months

1)      Course I

Diploma in Child Psychology (Duration 1 Yr.)

Medium: English


SL.   Sub. Code                     Paper

1.             DA                         Child Development

2.             DB                          Individual Differences

3.             DC                          Child Psychopathology and Child Psycho diagnostics

4.             DD                         Psychological Testing for Children

5.             DE                          Child Counselling and Child Psychotherapy


2)   Course II

Diploma in Counselling Psychology (Duration 1 Yr.)

Medium: English

 SL.   Sub. Code                     Paper

1.             DF                            Introduction to Counselling, Psychotherapy and Guidance 

2.             DG                           Psychology’s Perspective of Personality

3.             DH                           Psychopathology and Psycho diagnostics

4.             DI                             Psychological Testing

5.             DJ                            Psychotherapy, Counselling and Guidance

 ३)          कोर्स III

मानसशास्त्रीय समुपदेशक पदविका (कालावधी १ वर्ष.)

माध्यम: मराठी

SL.   Sub. Code                        पेपर

1.             DK                          व्यक्तिमत्व – मानसशास्त्रीय दृष्टीकोन

2.             DL                         मानवी मानसशास्त्र व विकास

3.             DM                       मानसिक विकृती व उपचार पद्धती

4.             DN                          मनोचिकित्सा आणि समुपदेशन

5.             DO                       केस स्टडीज्


Highlights of PTPCS

·   The Diploma Course offered by Dr. Seema Darode's IICP is a practical training         Course
·    Admission open throughout the year
·    Highly suitable for Psychologists, Teachers, Doctors, Professors, Engineers,             Advocates, Students, Housewives, Parents etc
·    There is no formal written examination on the completion of the course

Registration : +62878 2441 7073

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